Amatex Distribuzione Biancheria

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Amatex: Negozio di biancheria a Napoli

Amatex Distribuzione Biancheria is a Danish fashion brand founded in 2000 with the vision to create the classic pieces in a woman's wardrobe that her girlfriends envy. From its humble beginnings with small collections of stripes and cashmere sweaters Amatex Distribuzione Biancheria has since grown into an international fashion label with full-scale collections including shoes, accessories and an ever so popular lingerie line, but the vision remains the same.

Amatex Distribuzione Biancheria's collections are inspired by the finest iconic women and styles of the past blended with the essence of our time. Created for contemporary women who are comfortable in their own skin the collections are sexy, playful and always flattering.

Amatex Distribuzione Biancheria's design team is spearheaded by Creative Director Sanne Anderson and Head of Design Jane Mikkelsen.

Amatex Distribuzione Biancheria is sold in Europe, Japan, USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Russia. The headquarters are located in Copenhagen and 20 flagship stores are operated across Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Norway, with more to come.